Once paired, follow the on-screen instructions to choose which room and lights this sensor will control. The batteries should last 2 years so you don’t need to worry about this immediately. But, of course, the battery will still run out. I also tried resetting the device with no luck I noticed that the red light that usually lights up when motion is detected is also not lighting up. Battery powered, wireless, and installation free, this Hue Motion Sensor requires the Hue hub (sold separately) to work, connecting to your Hue system with control via the Philips Hue App. If you've got the skills, have you considered making your own Hue motion sensor? While you can use third-party motion sensors with your Philips Hue lights using various services, the Hue Motion Sensor ($40) makes it easier to turn your Hue bulbs into motion lights in your house. Simply walk by to trigger your lights. You may need to reset the device again. Once you've purchased your Hue motion sensor, setting it up is easy. Configure Your Hue Motion Sensor Amazon: Philips Hue Dimmer Switch ($21) Amazon: CR2450 3V Lithium Coin Cell Battery ($4) How to change the batteries in your Philips Hue Dimmer Switch. Join our newsletter for tech tips, reviews, free ebooks, and exclusive deals! Wherever you place your sensor, pay attention to where it is pointing, and think about what movements (from humans or animals!) Ideal for use in hallways, stairways and middle of the night wake ups. The Add sensor page will give you some basic install instructions, but you've already done that! The motion sensor for Philips Hue smart lights is battery powered and completely wireless, allowing you to install anywhere inside your home. Despite these limitations, the Hue motion sensor is still a great device, and you owe it to yourself to purchase one if you own any Philips Hue bulbs. You'll need to place your motion sensor in a suitable location. I want the light turned on when someone enters the basement from either of two entries.The doors are not within site of each other so one sensor won't work. Tap the Add Accessory button (looks like a plus sign in the bottom right corner). The Motion sensitivity button provides a way for you to tailor how sensitive the sensor is to movement. Make your Philips Hue experience even easier. Battery powered, wireless, and installation free, this Hue Motion Sensor requires the Hue Bridge (sold separately) to work, connecting to your Hue system with control via the Philips Hue App. Long battery life; Cons. Maybe you connected the battery a long time ago, and the sensor has gone to sleep. This may be at a low level in the hallway, or the top of the room in a bedroom, for example. During the evening, set the motion sensor to trigger gentle night lights to guide you in the dark. You should now have an orange LED blinking on the front of the sensor. Under the subheading of When there is no motion, you can choose what to do when the lights are on but nobody is around anymore. If it still refuses to work, you may need to change the batteries. You can place it on the floor or a ledge, or you can attach it to a wall with the included mount. Ps how annoying is it that the official app doesn't show the battery precentage nor does it show that its dead!!! Use your DIY tool to briefly press the button hidden inside this hole. You can place the sensor anywhere in your home as it is battery powered and completely wireless. You may need to reset the device again. Place it on a shelf, mount it on a wall or ceiling with a single screw, or place it on any magnetic surface with the included magnet. The first entry is a sensor name. Sit in on a shelf, mount it to a wall, or place it on a magnetic surface by using the included magnet. By using the Day and Night time sliders, you can create two different time slots (one for the daytime, one for the night time). You can't configure the sensor to ignore movement if the lights have been switched on manually. From here, you can use the toggle button on the right of the sensor entry to enable or disable this sensor. Currently only Hue specific sensors are tested successfully (e.g. Table of Contents hide 1) Philips Hue Motion Sensor … Select the Daylight sensitivity button, and then move the slider up or down to adjust how responsive the sensor is during bright light. You probably only want to use these if you're moving your sensor to a new location, or you no longer own it. From the aforementioned Settings menu, choose Accessory setup. Update: The Hue sensor and other accessories Hue Tap and wireless dimmer switch can now be integrated into Apple’s smart home platform. If it's still too dark, adjust the light sensitivity of the sensor in the Philips Hue app to personalize when you'd like the motion sensor to activate. If you’re using Hue bulbs in a light fixture that’s controlled by a dimmer switch, that’s likely the culprit to any flickering and/or buzzing that you might be encountering. The Hue sensor takes two AAA batteries, which should last two to three years. Automate your Philips Hue smart lightbulbs with the Philips Hue Motion Sensor. Whether you've connected Hue to Apple Homekit, configured automations, or simply improved Hue, there's still plenty of upgrades that you can do. Epic has been dipping further in to the Fortnite fortune and has now bought out a software development company. The After button allows you to choose a duration between one and sixty minutes, but this is limited to pre-defined options. Plus, the Hue Motion Sensor can do way more than any other third-party motion sensor: it can sense whether it’s … Remove the battery compartment screw from the Dimmer Switch using a Phillips head screwdriver. In terms of hardware, all you need to do is open the box and remove the plastic tab to connect the battery. The outdoor sensor turns on your Philips Hue lights automatically when somebody passes by, outdoor and indoor. Long red ˜ ash at detection: sensor cannot reach bridge. Daylight sensor detects light All rights reserved. While the Philips Hue motion sensor is a great device, it does have a few limitations. (9 Answers) The mounting with it has been good, and I haven't had to change the batteries. Use a small screwdriver to remove the rear cover, change the batteries, and then re-seal the unit. This is where you can fine-tune, adjust, and really personalize your Hue sensor automations. The motion sensor for Philips Hue smart lights is battery powered and completely wireless, allowing you to install anywhere inside your home. What this means is that the battery in the motion sensor should last quite a long time: the Hue support page says that it has a “minimal battery lifetime” of 2 years. See if the sensor works now. Control your lights automatically by adding a Philips Hue motion sensor to your Philips Hue system. And motion seems not to be detected. Current States battery : 100 I replaced the battery illuminance : 58 this value changes when hitting refresh button on the device page. We go hands-on with Philips' just-launched Hue Outdoor sensor. Hue Motion Sensor, Hue Dimmer Switch, Hue Tap, CLIP Sensor). The outdoor sensor comes with everything you need to get started right away. Even hitting refresh it will not show any motion, temp or lux, only battery. Visually check that the battery contacts are actually touching the metal part of the battery. You might also encounter the odd problem, like the Philips Hue bulbs turning themselves on. Neither number is necessary all that great. Lower settings mean much larger movements are required. Underneath this after button is the name of the room your sensor is connected to. The Hue CLIP Sensor saves scene states with status or flag for HUE rules. Whatever the reason, the fix is the same. From this menu, choose Hue motion sensor. You cannot choose specific lights from this setting, nor can you choose more than three rooms. I wish the Hue app was a little bit more advanced in adjusting motion sensor times to sunrise/sunset with changes during the year and daylight savings, but really no complaints on the actual sensor. Battery powered and completely wireless, place the Hue motion sensor anywhere in your home. Joe is a graduate in Computer Science from the University of Lincoln, UK. Next, install your smart lights and the Hue Motion Sensor. Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor Battery Replacement . The kit contains the outdoor sensor, 2xAA batteries pre-installed in … You can choose Do nothing, or Turn off. You can't choose individual bulbs, only rooms. Short red ˜ ash at detection: battery is empty. This isn't a whole lot, but fully recharging your Go takes about 90 minutes. Underneath each time chooser is an action. While challenging, the DIY approach can really save you some money if you require a large number of sensors. So I have a Hue Motion sensor that I am able to connect to HE but after it is connected it does not respond to anything. Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor lets you control your outdoor lights automatically*—simply walk by to trigger them. 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What Makes the Hue Motion Sensor Better than Other Motion Sensors. You can easily mount the device anywhere to detect motion. With the Hue smart motion sensor, you can customize the lights that come on and their intensity depending on the time of day. Configuring your motion sensor is a simple process from within the Hue app. First of all, Hue bulbs can be a bit finicky with hard-wired dimmer switches. This is a small hole at the top, labelled "setup". Final Verdict. Use a small screwdriver to remove the rear cover, change the batteries, and then re-seal the unit. Our final subheading is titled Advanced Options. Let's get started! Place it on a shelf, mount it to a wall or ceiling with a single screw, or place it on any magnetic surface with the included magnet. Select this to choose what to do after a time of no movement. Unfortunately, the official manual that comes with the product is only a small leaflet and doesn’t cover battery replacement at all. This is particularly useful if you have several sensors. Upon selection of your sensor, you'll be taken to the Configure sensor page. Select the LED blinking button to start the pairing process. You can also configure Hue to do nothing, which may be preferable for certain situations. You've just reset your sensor, and your LED should start blinking again. Using a small pin or paper clip, locate the Setup button on the rear of the unit. Please confirm your email address in the email we just sent you. It really depends on the dimmer switch, though. It's possible to change these later, so don't worry about making a mistake. According to the hue app the sensor is still "on" haha The outdoor sensor is motion-activated and can be programmed to turn on your outdoor Hue lights automatically. Here you can choose which scene to activate when motion is detected. will or will not trigger your lights. In practise, it can last for 3 years or more, but there’s more to know about the motion sensor’s batteries. The Hue motion sensor is a ZigBee based device which therefore uses a lot less power than a comparable WiFi device. © 2018-2021 Signify Holding. The Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor allows you to add motion control to any Hue light, boosting safety and security with a welcoming ambience on … The Philips Hue motion sensor is a great product perked with more features and more advantages than many of its rival products. Motion sensor battery status? It's battery powered and completely wireless, so you can place the sensor anywhere. Add a Philips Hue motion sensor to your smart lighting system to automatically switch your lights on when movement is detected, helping you navigate safely through your home. You should now see your sensor listed alongside any other accessories you may have. If this LED is not blinking for you, scroll down to the solution below. During the day, trigger crisp white light to flood your halls. By connecting the sensor to your bridge via the Philips Hue app, you can choose which lights go on, even inside your house. While there are many Philips Hue alternatives, Philips Hue is still one of the best smart lighting kits around. This product requires a connection to the Hue Bridge (not included). I figured it out and recorded the below video on how to do it. Q: Is it possible for a single Hue bulb to be controlled by more than one motion sensor. Start by pressing the Settings cog on the top right of the app. The Hue Motion sensor's integrated daylight sensor detects when there is still enough daylight so that lights do not turn on until you need them. Scroll down to Accessory setup, and the choose the Add accessory button on the bottom right. If you don't have a blinking light when attempting to pair, there could be several reasons. The Hue Motion Sensor registers a ZLLLightLevel sensor (0106), a ZLLPresence sensor (0107) and a ZLLTemperature sensor (0302) in one device. Under the subheading When motion is detected, you can adjust what you want to happen when you move and trigger the sensor. It only takes one screw to do so. Higher settings mean smaller movements will trigger the sensor. Hi all, I have here a Philips Hue motion sensor that does pair with Hubitat but seems not to update info. You may wish to disable it if you have a party or guests over, depending on your uses. It's not possible to configure several different actions based on the time of day---only day or night is supported. Next up, is the Where button, This is where you can choose which room is impacted by this sensor. Hue “accessories,” including the Hue dimmer switch battery, the Hue tap, the hue button, and the hue motion sensor, are not exposed to smartthings when they are connected to a hue bridge. Installation is via the Hue app, during which you also set which room the sensor is in. Then, at CES in January, there it was -- a weatherized, battery-powered outdoor sensor from Philips Hue, and one that doesn't just track motion, but also temperature and ambient light. Customize motion sensor lights However, there really isn't a product that's similar to the Go available on … If you're anything like us, you probably have all sorts of lights, gadgets, and other smart home accessories. Simply walk by to trigger your lights. The Hue sensor takes two AAA batteries, which should last two to three years. EN APP 2 Go to Settings ... Short orange ˜ ash at detection: battery is low. Add a motion sensor to your Hue system and control your lights automatically. Place it on a shelf, mount it to a wall or ceiling with a single screw, or place it on any magnetic surface with the included magnet. The Philips Hue motion sensor takes two batteries (AAA for indoor and AA for outdoor), and it has a “minimal battery lifetime” of 2 years. It's not possible to overlap times on these, so changing one slider impacts the opposite one. Sorry for the stupid question but literally cannot find the answer to this anywhere and i am not at home to take the sensor apart to check the battery type? Currently Home Assistant only polls for Hue motion sensor data every 5 seconds which makes motion events slow and unusable for automatic lights and other automations. We've picked three that all offer the same basic feature set and hackability. Today I'll be showing you how to configure the Philips Hue motion sensor, and some of the best uses for it. Also choose the scene or light setting that should be triggered. Here's how to set it up and some of the best uses for this gadget! Your options are slightly limited here. This does depend somewhat on the available light conditions, which can change throughout the day. The final two buttons are Reset and Delete. APP light daylight detection motion detection The Philips Hue system is leading the charge when it comes to smart lighting, but there are some worthy alternatives. I had some issues with my motion sensor not working so I deleted it and added it to the system again (which was basically impossible by the way, it took multiple attempts to delete and then took multiple attempts for the bridge to find it). You can select Low, Medium, or High here. I forget the orientation of the Hue Motion Sensor batteries, but some devices have all their batteries facing the same way around, while others alternate the direction. This is to ensure the sensor is fast to respond to any movement. The motion sensor for Philips Hue smart lights is battery powered and completely wireless, allowing you to install anywhere inside your home. There was an open pull-request to make this interval configurable but it was … One cool trick here is to enable a very dim nightlight during nighttime hours---a setting that's particularly helpful if you have young children. Remove the battery compartment cover. Perhaps you purchased your sensor secondhand, and it is still paired to the previous owner's system. He's a professional software developer, and when he's not flying drones or writing music, he can often be found taking photos or producing videos. Place it anywhere in your home including your hallway, bathroom, kitchen, and more. Once you've got your sensor set up, it's a straightforward process to adjust settings and configure automation. To connect the motion sensor to your Alexa device, make sure the Philips Hue Motion sensor is in pairing mode in the Hue app. Hue motion sensor Requires Hue light, Hue bridge and the latest Philips Hue App. On the go, the Hue Go will get three hours of battery in between charges. Remove the Dimmer Switch from its cradle on the wall.